When you get the cow right, everything else falls into place.

How do we define the “Ideal Cow”. At Gemstone Cattle Company, we have been developing and raising moderate framed cows for many years. Through research, observation, testing, tracking, trial and error, we have a body of data and experience that has contributed to the success of our breeding program.  What we have observed and learned is that our ideal cows have the following key traits.

  • Fertility: Our cows have their first calves at two years of age, are weaned at six months  and produce a calf every year for the rest of their lives.  Fertility traits are 5 times more important than growth traits and 10 times more important than carcass traits.
  • Longevity: Many Gemstone cows produce into their teenage years – those are obviously the most profitable cows.
  • Easy Keeping: Our moderate-frame cows are low maintenance, easy keeping cows that are proven, efficient, forage converters.
  • Genetics: Blood is important and we line breed to stack pedigrees with the best cow-makers we can find – we’ve raised many of them.
  • Moderate frame: While we don’t often measure cows our ideal cows are frame 3-5 weighing 1150 – 1300 lbs in working clothes
  • Convenience traits:: Our cows calve on their own, have sound feet and bags and know how to take care of themselves.
  • Ideal cows work for us, not us for them.

Behind every great bull is a great cow.

We are getting ready for our December 7th, 2016 Production Sale of Hereford and Angus bulls as well as Hereford red and black baldy heifers.  Check out our website and we invite you to come visit us any time.

For more information about Gemstone Cattle Company, contact us at: www.gemstonecattle.com

FERTILITY + LONGEVITY + LOW MAINTENANCE – the keys to profitability.

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