“… is a great cow”- and hopefully a few of them.  And some of the best ones should show up more than once in the bull’s pedigree if you want to strengthen the consistency and prepotency of your breeding program. The impact of that concept will be tested many times over in the current market place where a greater percentage of heifers are being exposed to bulls to go back into someone’s cowherd.  If you are buying females, it’s valuable to know that both the cows and the bulls are backed up by generations of fertile, easy keeping cows that have stayed in the cowherd for many years.

At Gemstone Cattle Company, we know that behind every good bull are multiple good cows, and we’ve been line breeding to the progeny of our best cows for many years. The bull in the picture, “KGA 25W”, has  17 cows in his five generation pedigree that produced to ten years of age or more.  Four of those cows show up two or three times in his extended pedigree.

We’re planning for our 3rd annual fall sale December 6, 2017.  We’ll offer 50 – 60 Hereford and Red Angus bulls and a group of commercial bred heifers that will be bred in a 30 day breeding season.

We’ll be adding more information on our website over the spring and summer and we’d welcome you to visit the website or stop by for a visit in person at your convenience.